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ShowerFloss is the ultimate flossing device. Recommended by thousands of dentists and hygienists, it has been shown to be far more effective and convenient than string floss in preventing plaque buildup, cleaning out pockets, massaging and strengthening gums and most importantly, getting patients to floss daily!

ShowerFloss installs in minutes and lasts for years. You will enjoy flossing every day with a convenience and effectiveness that string flossing and electrical sink-mounted units cannot match.

  • Fits all standard showers
  • Installs in minutes
  • Non electrical
  • No messy sink
  • Never runs out of water
  • No setup
  • Always ready and no clean up
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure

The Oral-Systemic Link to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer's and More

Surprising Connections In recent years research has found surprising connections between oral disease and other systemic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. This has become known as the “oral-systemic link.” It was found, for example, that up to 91% of all patients with heart disease have periodontitis. The medical community is only now beginning to recognize the importance of good oral hygiene to overall health.

The Chain of Events Leading to Dental & Systemic Disease

  • It all begins with the formation of
  • PLAQUE: which turns into
  • TATAR: which houses and protects
  • BACTERIA: which create
  • ACIDS & TOXINS: which cause
  • GINGIVITIS: and leads to
  • PERIODONTITIS: which results in the
  • DISSOLVING: of bone tissue and ligaments

It is now known that these bacteria not only lead to periodontal problems but are also associated with many systemic diseases. They enter the bloodstream through diseased gums.

Preventing gingivitis and periodontitis and breaking the oral systemic link is simple: stop plaque from forming and strengthen gums. Flossing is good, ShowerFlossing is unbeatable. The powerful stream of water dilutes and flushes plaque away. It also massages and strengthens gums, closing the gaps between teeth and gums that can trap bacteria. And because it is in the shower you will use it!


Includes: Adapter, 45" Tubing, Handle, Red and Blue Piks, Wall Hanger and Instructions for Simple Installation and Operation.