Axle Nut Socket Set - FWD

Axle Nut Socket Set - FWD


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Features and Benefits:

  • Extra long, 1/2" drive chrome molybdenum sockets for heavy-duty use in removing and installing axle nuts
  • Use with a ratchet, breaker bar, or torque wrench
  • Contained in a blow-molded plastic storage case

Set includes:

No. 4547A-29 – 29 mm socket services various late model GM, Ford, and Asian imports.
No. 4547A-30 – 30 mm socket services GM body styles A, J, and N, plus Asian imports.
No. 4547A-32 – 32 mm socket services late model Honda and Chrysler vehicles.
No. 4547A-34 – 34 mm socket services many GM mid-size vehicles.
No. 4547A-35 – 35 mm socket services many GM vehicles.
No. 4547A-36 – 36 mm socket services many GM, Ford, and Chrysler full-size vehicles.
No. 4547A-38 – 38 mm socket services various full-size vehicles including SUVs.

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