Reversible Jaw Slide Hammer Puller Set

Reversible Jaw Slide Hammer Puller Set


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Features and Benefits:

  • This useful set contains OTC’s popular No. 1176 reversible-jaw slide hammer puller, plus an assortment of special jaws and adapters.
  • You get all the versatility of the No. 1176, plus attachments for pulling various size pilot bearings, oil seals, bushings, timing gears, harmonic balancers, and other lightly fitted parts!
  • Wt., 10 lbs., 3 oz.

Set Consists of:

  • 1176 - Reversible jaw slide hammer puller with 2-1/2lb. hammer
  • 44195 - Medium jaw (3 included)
  • 32054 - Pilot bearing jaw (3 included)
  • 44148 - Long jaw
  • 27315 - Puller hook. Removes oil seals, bearings, etc.
  • 27241 - 2-way cross head
  • 36578 - Cross block. Removes timing gears, harmonic balancers, pulleys, other parts having tapped holes.
  • Uses cap screws up to 3/8" diameter. Spread with 3/8" diameter
  • Cap screws: 1-7/8" - 5-5/8"

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